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It’s been better than a century since Alfonso and Antoinette (Nana) Carbone stepped onto the edge of America. Much has changed and nothing has changed. A small Italian grocery on St. Paul’s east side, that served as a bar and as a confection shop during prohibition, has grown to an extended family of Carbone’s Pizzerias. In 1954, following Alfonso’s death, Nana gathered traditional recipes from the south of Italy and with the help of sons Frankie and Mario, opened St. Paul’s original Pizzeria. The family business grew and evolved and flourished. Over 50-plus years, their love of family, their devotion to hard work and their welcoming attitude has never wavered. The legacy of two hopeful, young Italians is still present in every visit, in every exchange and in every bite.

The Carbone’s brand is not a pizza with everything. We are not all things to all people. Our neighbors love us because we love our neighbors. We appeal to hard-working people because we are hard-working people. We don’t care what color your collar is, or if you even have a collar — you need to eat. We believe pizza is fun, but real food. We believe that real food is real love. We speak to our customers honestly and with a sense of humor and humility. Although, we are not timid or shy about speaking up for great work and serving amazing pie. We are a pizza that is authentic, a good value and loaded with passion. We prepare food for our friends, our neighbors and our extended family — it must be special, it must be right — it always is.

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